Troubled Hair Solution Mysteries DEMYSTIFIED

Redken, Extreme: "Anti-Snap"
For damaged hair - and I mean really damaged - that's been to hell and back, there's Anti-Snap.  This product has completely, in combination with products I'll mention as well, fixed my hair's fragility.  Growing out hair that is too scared to grow out, in fear that I'll process it back into despair, is hard to do unless you make your hair healthy and happy again.  I've been using this product a long while now after every shower and it has made a huge impact.  You run it through damp, towel dried hair out of the shower, from the ends and working your way up close to your roots.  Comb through, and preferably air dry, or you may style as needed (although heat like blow dryers and straighteners and like products in excess do counteract this solution).  It will do wonders.
(Also check out the full Extreme line from Redken.  They carry a shampoo, conditioner, and  other styling products as well)
CHI Keratin Mist
I use this in combination with the Anti-Snap serum I mentioned above.  Like I said, my hair is damaged - but not even mentionably so since using these products.  This product contains keratin which is an absolutely necessary protein in your hair.  Keratin exists naturally, but with dying, bleaching, straightening, blow drying, and other damaging processes, keratin is stripped away.  Keratin is seen in many products, most of which are priced highly because of its powerful keratin ingredient.  Spray this product in towel dried hair (and I suggest with the Anti-Snap serum) and comb product through, maybe spraying a little extra afterwards.  Make sure to spray a generous amount on your ends or more troubled areas.  You'll feel the difference when your hair is dry - it will feel stronger and much smoother.
Redken, Smooth Down: Shampoo
I did try the Redken shampoo from their Extreme collection.  It did work.  However, changing shampoos often doesn't allow your hair to become accustomed to their effects and it renews the products effectiveness.  Smooth Down shampoo is the exception.  This shampoo gives my hair the healthy, soft, feeling it needs.  For dry, brittle hair, with the tendency to be frizzy and dull, this is the fix!
Pantene, Restore Beautiful Lengths, "Breakage Defense" Conditioner
Now, I am all for saving money.  I've tried every drug store brand of make-up, hair care, and skin care, and this is by far the most successful find for hair.  I've been using this as my regular conditioner with both of the Redken shampoos I've tried.  This is the price-efficient replacement for brand collection conditioners - it works wonderfully.  Start from the ends, then work the product in the rest of your hair in "pony-tail" fashion (applying it in your hair with the motions you'd use to gather your hair into a pony tail) avoiding the roots (as you always should with conditioner to prevent greasiness).  Let sit for about 2 minutes, or massage in.  It's great!  And cheap. 
BEDHEAD "After Party"
The fix for dry hair that needs a softness boost.  A small dollup of this product will do the trick.  You can find this product at most regular drug stores or at beauty supply stores too.  You apply this product into totally dried hair, starting at the ends and applying the rest up twords the roots.  It sets your hair after a windy day, or after a smelly, sweaty party... The scent is amazing, and the moisturizing effect is amazing too.  A great product to have that will last you!
CHI "Shine Infusion"
After you curl, straighten, or blow dry your hair, this is the final touch.  The perfect alternative to a greasy serum (which are much better used before heat tool application) for after styling shine.  The bottle has a spray nozzle that gives a very fine mist that's easy to control - aim away from your roots!  It's subtle, and definitely not too much of a good thing - just the right amount of product as your final touch. 

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  1. I freaking love anything Redken,Chi and most TiGi. I used to use that pantene beautiful lengths until I found a new amazing drug store "hair mask" L'oreal's total repair 5 with Keratine.. check it out!
    Great post and description of the products, very helpful!