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Their general skincare line may be pricey, but it proved worthy of every cent.  I saved up to buy the special cleansing gel, skin prep scrub, multi-active toner, and the treatment foundation.  For the past two weeks, I've been using daily the cleansing gel and two-three times a week the scrub.  After cleansing, I've been using the toner spray before bed if I've cleansed at night, or before make-up application in the morning.  The results are not even close to comparable with the products I've tested from both drug stores and department stores.  It's no wonder they're number one in the skin care world today.
Tocca - solid perfume
After much searching, trial, and error, I've discovered solid perfumes.  They are the solution to a fading scent throughout the day, or a skin-type that doesn't seem to hold onto one for more than a few hours.  I found many brands and many scents, but after finding Tocca's solid perfumes with their new scents, I fell in love.  It comes in a sizable container, with a generous amount of product that will last you a very long time.  It's almost a chapstick consistency, and application is simple and comfortable.  A few swirls of your finger on it, and a few swipes on both sides of the neck, and both wrists - you'll be smelling your aromatic scent all day, in a subtle but present way.

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