Lypsyl lip balm
This powerful little product just HAD to come in great packaging didn't it?!  I've tried many organic and not so organic lip care products and this one is simply the best one.  The larger sized, slide-up lip balm is comparable to Bert's Bees lip products, but it seems to do a better job at totally hydrating and softening the lips.  It also has more product per unit as well.  Simple, long-lasting, lip care that you can find at any drug store.
Biosilk Silk Therapy
I tried this product many years ago when it first came out around the time that everyone was straightening their hair on the daily... Middle school if you were born in the early 90's or late 80's.  This product has changed, and for the better!  It's a lot more watery, less greasy and thick than before, and you need very little to do the job.  It's also a lot more powerful and effective in protecting the hair from thermal abuse.  Use it before and after you apply heat to the hair.  Before, to protect it and to infuse your hair with the product, and after to add shine and silkiness.  Smells great, lasts forever, and works wonderfully.  Find it at some drug stores, or your local beauty supply.
Milani Eye Tech, liquid eyeliner pen
This little guy gives you the most control over lining your eyes - a task we all know to be difficult, and most of the time, messy with do-overs.  The felt-tip pen is stiff, and gives off a moderate amount of product at a time making it easy to line your eyes the way you want to.  You can find it at most drug stores, along with the rest of the Milani make-up line.  A great basic.
My Spring-it, Facial hair remover
If you're a hair removal fan like I am, whether it be with waxing, plucking, or other torturous methods, you're going to love this.  Waxing is painful, but necessary in certain places.  Plucking works great for eyebrow maintenance.  But when it comes to ridding your face of peach fuzz (unnecessary for most people), your upper-lip or chin, or even fore the middle of the brows, this is perfect!  Waxing your face works, but it's terrible for the skin - exposure to wax and the resulting pore exposure almost ALWAYS causes break-outs and lasting irritation.  This tool is gentle on the skin, pulling out about a handful of hairs at a time.  Make-up application is easier and more even when the skin is totally bare.  I love this thing!  Buy it online at www.myspringit.com
Orly, Bonder base coat
Base coat is the most essential part of a long-lasting manicure, especially if you're doing it yourself.  I've tried many in the past, and this one seems to be doing what it's supposed to do.  Apply one coat, and make sure it's dry (which is does quickly) before applying your color.  Reds and other invasive colors that tend to stain nails are kept from doing such.  Found with the other Orly colors at local drug stores.
Physicians Formula, Powder Foundation 
I've been interested in Physicians Formula products for a while now, but didn't know which product to try first.  I have already been using a mineral liquid product that I really like, so purchasing a mineral powder was my next obligation.  Many mineral liquid foundations don't set matte like I prefer my make-up to set.  If you like the dewey look, then you don't need powder to set it.  This product is light, and will not clog your pores.  It's also hypoallergenic.  I use this to set my liquid foundation, it works great, and it doesn't provoke any compensating oil production as it doesn't dry out the skin.  I use a kabuki brush for application, but it does come with the brush you see in the picture above.  This can be found in drug stores, or some beauty supply stores with make-up products.


Troubled Hair Solution Mysteries DEMYSTIFIED

Redken, Extreme: "Anti-Snap"
For damaged hair - and I mean really damaged - that's been to hell and back, there's Anti-Snap.  This product has completely, in combination with products I'll mention as well, fixed my hair's fragility.  Growing out hair that is too scared to grow out, in fear that I'll process it back into despair, is hard to do unless you make your hair healthy and happy again.  I've been using this product a long while now after every shower and it has made a huge impact.  You run it through damp, towel dried hair out of the shower, from the ends and working your way up close to your roots.  Comb through, and preferably air dry, or you may style as needed (although heat like blow dryers and straighteners and like products in excess do counteract this solution).  It will do wonders.
(Also check out the full Extreme line from Redken.  They carry a shampoo, conditioner, and  other styling products as well)
CHI Keratin Mist
I use this in combination with the Anti-Snap serum I mentioned above.  Like I said, my hair is damaged - but not even mentionably so since using these products.  This product contains keratin which is an absolutely necessary protein in your hair.  Keratin exists naturally, but with dying, bleaching, straightening, blow drying, and other damaging processes, keratin is stripped away.  Keratin is seen in many products, most of which are priced highly because of its powerful keratin ingredient.  Spray this product in towel dried hair (and I suggest with the Anti-Snap serum) and comb product through, maybe spraying a little extra afterwards.  Make sure to spray a generous amount on your ends or more troubled areas.  You'll feel the difference when your hair is dry - it will feel stronger and much smoother.
Redken, Smooth Down: Shampoo
I did try the Redken shampoo from their Extreme collection.  It did work.  However, changing shampoos often doesn't allow your hair to become accustomed to their effects and it renews the products effectiveness.  Smooth Down shampoo is the exception.  This shampoo gives my hair the healthy, soft, feeling it needs.  For dry, brittle hair, with the tendency to be frizzy and dull, this is the fix!
Pantene, Restore Beautiful Lengths, "Breakage Defense" Conditioner
Now, I am all for saving money.  I've tried every drug store brand of make-up, hair care, and skin care, and this is by far the most successful find for hair.  I've been using this as my regular conditioner with both of the Redken shampoos I've tried.  This is the price-efficient replacement for brand collection conditioners - it works wonderfully.  Start from the ends, then work the product in the rest of your hair in "pony-tail" fashion (applying it in your hair with the motions you'd use to gather your hair into a pony tail) avoiding the roots (as you always should with conditioner to prevent greasiness).  Let sit for about 2 minutes, or massage in.  It's great!  And cheap. 
BEDHEAD "After Party"
The fix for dry hair that needs a softness boost.  A small dollup of this product will do the trick.  You can find this product at most regular drug stores or at beauty supply stores too.  You apply this product into totally dried hair, starting at the ends and applying the rest up twords the roots.  It sets your hair after a windy day, or after a smelly, sweaty party... The scent is amazing, and the moisturizing effect is amazing too.  A great product to have that will last you!
CHI "Shine Infusion"
After you curl, straighten, or blow dry your hair, this is the final touch.  The perfect alternative to a greasy serum (which are much better used before heat tool application) for after styling shine.  The bottle has a spray nozzle that gives a very fine mist that's easy to control - aim away from your roots!  It's subtle, and definitely not too much of a good thing - just the right amount of product as your final touch. 

Product OD


Their general skincare line may be pricey, but it proved worthy of every cent.  I saved up to buy the special cleansing gel, skin prep scrub, multi-active toner, and the treatment foundation.  For the past two weeks, I've been using daily the cleansing gel and two-three times a week the scrub.  After cleansing, I've been using the toner spray before bed if I've cleansed at night, or before make-up application in the morning.  The results are not even close to comparable with the products I've tested from both drug stores and department stores.  It's no wonder they're number one in the skin care world today.
Tocca - solid perfume
After much searching, trial, and error, I've discovered solid perfumes.  They are the solution to a fading scent throughout the day, or a skin-type that doesn't seem to hold onto one for more than a few hours.  I found many brands and many scents, but after finding Tocca's solid perfumes with their new scents, I fell in love.  It comes in a sizable container, with a generous amount of product that will last you a very long time.  It's almost a chapstick consistency, and application is simple and comfortable.  A few swirls of your finger on it, and a few swipes on both sides of the neck, and both wrists - you'll be smelling your aromatic scent all day, in a subtle but present way.